À propos

I’m a blabbermouth, I don’t know if it will see on my blog… Surely!

I almost forgot to say you: My name is Pauline, I’m 18 and I’m living in Lyon, in France.

I’m an ordinary person and however I will have lot of things to say you: I’m a student in Marketing and Communication, in international program. I love eating, cooking, traveling, chating, snuggling up to my honey.

This blog will be about my experiences, or my memories, either to guide you or help you in your own experiences, or simply to you learn more about me.

The tittle of my blog has certainly questioned you? For tell you a little bit more about me, my parents are living in the United States, in California since December. I had to adapt me at only 18, and to respond to some my questioning. I will tell you more about my new experiences between France and the United States. And I hoped, I will also respond to your questioning and share with you our experiences.