I love eating as much as I love cooking!

Maybe I’m French, and maybe a passion for food is evident. Right? (But we taught me taste for family’s recipes.) And they are sooo delicious!

Dolls were a funny entertaining but my mom’s recipes were better. My mom always called me to help her some good dishes or desserts for my dad and my brother. I ran downstairs, I was in a hurry to cooking: a fear for my mom!

At barely 2 years old, I washed my little hands, and I helped my mom to mix the pudding. You know pudding? It’s an English cake with stale bread and it was so amusing to mix the batter with my hands. What I preferred was chocolate pudding: a delight!

I have an anecdote for you: it seems that when I was a little girl in nursery school I hit a boy with plastic bread. A way to express my bread passion, no? *laugh*

Another recipe that I fell in love with are crepes! A French recipe, but my great-grandmother’s recipe is the best! No possible comment on this!

To tell you how much cooking is important in my family, I will tell you the story of my birthday (an important day in France when children fly the nest): my mom concocted my first family’s recipe book. It’s a real symbol for me. Inside this book, some recipes came from my great-grandmother. It mattered to my mom to write this book in order to remember the moments she spent with her grandmother.

Today, even though I’m a student and entertainment time is short, I always take the time to cook my family’s recipes. We always have a moment to savor dishes, but we need more time to cook them.

I know I made you drool with these recipes, no? Sorry, my family’s recipes can’t be revealed!

Anyway, I share with you a good chocolate pudding recipe of Jul’s recipes’ blog: http://en.julskitchen.com/dessert/cakes-pies/bread-pudding-cake

I love eating as much as I love cooking!



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