Californian Christmas Holidays

I always dreamt to be here, to tell you about my Christmas holiday dreams in the USA. And today, I can! It’s a dream come true. I imagined Christmas in the USA like in the movies, the renowned Christmas movies. I didn’t believe it and yet! (and yet…something has to come after that. For example, I didn’t believe it and yet it was true!)

I arrived in Los Angeles on December 23: no snow, no rain, just some clouds, already the weather was fabulous. After a few more days it was unbelievable. On Saturday December 24th, I went with my family to a supermarket. I don’t know what’s the most surprising – the people with Christmas decorations who kept singing “Merry Christmas” every time you passed by them, or was it the stores that were filled with Christmas embellishment!

On the evening of the 24th, we were prepared like Americans and we were going to a restaurant. Lots of people going out the evening before Christmas. In south California, there is no snow for Christmas but I have never seen as much illuminated Christmas trees as here.

I once heard that Americans love Christmas and embellish their houses. I wanted to see with my own eyes, and I wasn’t disappointed! I went to Newport Beach, in South California. We walked to the oceanfront: houses were decorated by thousand of lights, candy canes, inflatable characters (like Santa Claus), and by thousand of other ornaments. I was also very surprised by the sunset, incidentally I swam in a swimming pool the 28th of December! Incredible no?

A US Christmas day is so much more different than France: it’s a nice thing to discover.



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